Contestualizzare l'Archeologia Forense


  • Pier Matteo Barone Archaeology and Classics Progr am, The American University of Rome, Via P. Roselli, 4 – 00153 Roma, Italia Geoscienze Forensi Italia -Forensic Geoscience Rome Italy


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Archeologia forense, Geoarcheologia forense, Geofisica forense, Telerilevamento, GIS, Archeologia clandestina, Tutela del patrimonio culturale.


A forensic archaeological framework integrates an archaeological process and a research cycle with criminalistic and criminological knowledge. By doing so, forensic archaeology must analyze, interpret and reconstruct human/criminal behavior and the natural processes that have formed and modified an investigated crime scene. In this commentary, the boundaries of this discipline will be highlighted to help better understand who forensic archaeologists are and what their job entails.

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