L’urbanistica riconoscerà mai il ruolo dei sistemi informativi territoriali?

Mauro Salvemini


It is discussed the role of GI in contemporary city  planning  considering  three  2012  May events.REAL  CORP  2012  in  Schwechat  which  of-fered  the  possibility  to  collectively  discuss a  wide  range  of  topics  in  different  panel groups  and  workshops  about  “RE-MIXING THE CITY” which is a challenge to manage and  re-combine  the  elements  which  make our modern cities in order to better respond to change. INPUT  2012  which  in  Cagliari  was  discuss-ing how new technologies play a prominent role in the innovation of planning theory and practice,  as  they  affect  every  phase  of  the process:  knowledge  building,  preliminary studies,  design,  decision,  implementation, and monitoring.The kick off of the EC co-funded project Plan-4Business which aims to develop a platform that can serve users a full catalogue of plan-ning data such as transport infrastructure, re-gional plans, urban plans and zoning plans.

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SIT, urbanistica, city planning

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48258/geo.v16i2.103


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