iPad e tablet per l'indagine multispettrale di opere d'arte


  • Antonino Cosentino Cultural Heritage Science Open Source chsopensource.org



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imaging multispettrale, riflettografia infrarossa, ipad


iPad and Android tablets will have an increasing role for the imaging diagnostics of works of art. Their limited hardware risorces can be overcome using a web-server for images streaming by tile-based method such as IIPImage. This system allows not to have limits in the resolution of the images which can be streamed to multiple devices for collaborative projects.  

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Antonino Cosentino, Cultural Heritage Science Open Source chsopensource.org

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Esempio di iframe e gigapan.com server.


Server web IIPImage. http://iipimage.sourceforge.net

Esempio di immagini multispettrali su Web-server IIPImage






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Cosentino, A. (2013). iPad e tablet per l’indagine multispettrale di opere d’arte. Archeomatica, 4(2). https://doi.org/10.48258/arc.v4i2.239