AQUA-SIT, monitorare la qualità  dell'acqua in real time


  • Maria Ioannilli Università  degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata Facoltà  di Ingegneria
  • Alessandro Paregiani
  • Andrea Pede

Parole chiave:

sistema, applicazioni, integrazione


AQUA-SIT: a real time water quality monitoring system

Two spin-off companies from the Tor Vergata University of Rome are jointly developing an innovative system for real-time monitoring of water quality. The new system integrates a set of sensors, hydrological models, models of pollutant diffusion into the water fl ow and an advanced geographic decision support system. It presents contained investment costs and reduced operational costs, thanks to the centralization of information. Although in a prototypical state, the project has already found a strong interest from some stakeholders in Italy.



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Ioannilli, M., Paregiani, A., & Pede, A. (2009). AQUA-SIT, monitorare la qualità  dell’acqua in real time. GEOmedia, 13(4). Recuperato da




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