Telerilevamento e modelli meteo-climatologici per le Isole Urbane di Calore


  • Paolo Manunta Planetek Italia Srl
  • Giulio Cariola Planetek Italia Srl
  • Monique Viel Planetek Italia Srl
  • Daniela Iasillo Planetek Italia Srl
  • Marc Paganini ESA - European Space Agency

Parole chiave:

UHI, sensore TIR, meteosat


Remote sensing and microclimatology models for the
Urban Heat Islands

An Urban Heat Island (UHI) is a metropolitan area which is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas. The main cause of the UHI is the modification of the land surface by urban development. The most disastrous consequences are the Heat Waves that periodically strike the city during summer. With the rise of thermal remote sensing technology it has become possible to study the UHI by means of satellite and airborne platforms, giving new elements for understanding the effect and its causes, using a combination of remote sensing observations and models of urban micro meteorology. UHI is an ESA funded project lead by Planetek Italia and carried out by a Consortium of private companies and research institutes in 10 European cities.




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Manunta, P., Cariola, G., Viel, M., Iasillo, D., & Paganini, M. (2010). Telerilevamento e modelli meteo-climatologici per le Isole Urbane di Calore. GEOmedia, 14(3). Recuperato da