La sfida delle app contro il covid-19


  • Gianluca Pititto

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APP, emergenza, geospatial contact-tracing, pandemia, privacy, smartphone, blue tooth, alert, contenimento sanitario


The new phase of the international fight against the COVID-19 pandemic will require a period of coexistence with the virus and a careful contrast to the development of new outbreak. Thanks to advanced mobile technologies
and their diffusion it is possible to think about the use of apps aimed at identifying and suppressing contagion chains before their own explosion, through the methodology of contact-tracing based on bluetooth technology.
However, implementing that approch requires the solution of significant problems of a technical nature, but also of a legal nature, often different from country to country. The solution of the COVID-19 global problem would therefore require deep coordination between different nations, which will be
the problem more difficult to solve.




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