HERE Technologies al servizio delle Telecomunicazioni: HERE Cellular Signals

Massimiliano Arcieri


HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location platform
services, recently announced HERE Cellular Signals, a unique data set
that provides up-to-date information about mobile network performance
on practically every stretch of road across 196 countries. HERE
Cellular Signals powers a range of industries and services: in the transport
and logistics space, dispatchers and drivers need to be more efficiently
and effectively connected than ever. In the telecoms space, wireless networks must expand their capacities while maintaining quality
to meet the demand for mobile communications and broadband
services. HERE Cellular Signals supports and enhances both industries.
By delivering quality data, we enable personnel to make better decisions,
plan and analyze more precisely, and respond to events faster.

Parole chiave

Internet of Things; telecomunicazioni; 5G; location services.

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