Il rilievo laser come tecnica di monitoraggio per i fenomeni di instabilità dei versanti degli edifici vulcanici : il caso dell'Isola di Stromboli

Maria Marsella, Carla Nardinocchi, A. Salvatori, S. Scifoni, Alberico Sonnessa


La metodologia di rilievo mediante Laser Scanner Aviotrasportato (ALS) per la ricostruzione dettagliata della morfologia consente l’acquisizione di dati tridimensionali di alta precisione da
utilizzare per il monitoraggio di fenomeni franosi in evoluzione.

The laser survey technique for monitoring the instability of volcanoes: the case of Stromboli
In volcanic areas the flank instability represents an additional hazard for the surrounding  inhabited  areas.  Landslides,
ranging from small to large size, can easily develop both due to the weakness of the volcanic superficial layers and to the
destabilizing  effects  from  deformation and  seismicity  related  to  the  volcanic activity.  These  phenomena  are  particularly dangerous along the coast line of volcanic  islands  because  they  cannot easily detected in a safe way.  The use of remote sensing data represent an useful contribution to the risk assessment and hazard evaluation. Multi-temporal analy-
ses based on the 2006 and 2009 Digital Surface Models (DSMs), generated from an Airborne Laser scanner on the Stromboli  Island  permitted  to  detect  active landslides and to extract additional information useful to hazard assessment and related mitigation actions.

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