I dati sono il petrolio (...o l'energia rinnovabile) del futuro


  • Fabio Disconzi Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale dell'Università  di Padova
  • Arturo Lorenzoni Professore di Economia dell'energia, Università  di Padova

Parole chiave:

Dati territorial, analisi web, geoportali, open data


Public, freely available, searchable and updated datasets might support
citizens, professionals and analysts in understanding several aspect of the
life: from demographics trends of a nation to renewable energy potential
of specific areas. The focus of the research has been to make a portrait on
how territorial data are distributed in Italy by regional geoportals. The
developed platform would like to enable stakeholders to discuss the assessment
and to enhance the evaluation framework in a collaborative and
web-based way.




Come citare

Disconzi, F., & Lorenzoni, A. (2015). I dati sono il petrolio (.o l’energia rinnovabile) del futuro. GEOmedia, 19(2). Recuperato da https://www.mediageo.it/ojs/index.php/GEOmedia/article/view/1202