ROV e Strumentazione a basso costo per rilievi fotogrammetrici di siti archeologici sommersi

Elisa Costa, Francesco Guerra, Paolo Vernier


ROVs have been employed to explore underwater environments and have
played an important role for documentation and surveys in different fields
of scientific application. The employment of a low-cost vehicle support a
request for safer, cheaper and efficient methods for exploring underwater

The paper is related to photogrammetric surveys for the documentation of
underwater environments and to comparison between different solutions:
two GoPro Hero4 Session -images and videos- and a Nikon D610. Some targets have been used to connect in the same reference system the different
models, allowing the comparisons of the point clouds.

Parole chiave

Archeologia subacquea; fotogrammetria; ROV; nuvole di punti; Remote Operated Vehicle

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